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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sorta Sunday, Really Saturday

Woke up and decided to take advantage of my meat-eating day! Went to Glowbal for brunch - the first time I've been there before 6pm! They were packed, as much so as at night. Had their appetizer platter, complete with their Kobe meatballs, braised short rib, rare ahi tuna, jumbo prawn coctail, lobster croquettes and some asian slaw. Followed with a Lobster Benny, and filled out with their delightly dimsum boxes of mini-donuts. I am officially in meat heaven.
Oh wait, then there was dinner, which was BBQ Duck with rice noodles. How I love my meat days! I'm pretty sure I did stuff other than eat, but the food coma has taken over and I have no idea what they were!

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