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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lent: Day 22

Okay, very weak and easily tempted this Saturday. Woke up wanting Pho, Sausage Egg McMuffin, BBQ Duck on Noodles, Chicken Wings and various other legged creatures. Of course I did NOT give into my wanton cravings! Instead, I had half a package of instant noodles (spicy!) with a fried egg thrown on top. This should last me until tonight, where we are converging onto a restaurant called Northern Dynasty, for their Alaska King Crab.We're gonna steam it, fry it and to add insult to injury, toss it with noodles! Oh, it's going to be SO good!
I suppose we have to eat some other stuff too, like veggies and some chicken, to appease the other carnivores at the table! After dinner, we headed back to JY's hotel room @ River Rock and played poker and had a bit of wine. We all got a bit antsy by midnight, and decided to find a karaoke.
It shouldn't be hard in Richmond on a Saturday night, but it was! The first one was closed, and Zodiac didn't have any rooms, and forced us to sit in the lounge. And then we found out their microphone was busted?! Anyways, after throwing a fit, we managed to get the room, and the singing soon ensued!
Since it was after midnight, I decided to splurge a little and let myself have a chicken wing...those deep fried greasy things are SO good. Also had some deep-fried fish balls, perfect texture, bouncy and juicy!
And then followed by McDonald's Filet-o-Fish and a side of Fries! All good intentions were shot to h#ll!

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