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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Snowy(!) Sunday (and who stole my hour!)

Waking up at 11am, and being awake by noon...I hate it when they change the clocks (forwards) but I don't mind it when I get the extra fact, we should do that every month. Went to The Boss for lunch and had their Veggie Fried, I didn't cheat!
Grabbed groceries for dinner as well as some stuff I needed for baking, like buttermilk and about 2 dozen eggs. So when I got home, I started with the Chocolate Chip Banana Almond Muffins. They didn't require the use of my precious KitchenAid mixer, but turned out fantastic! I don't know what it is about buttermilk, but it seems as though the muffins get fluffier with it.
Before the oven could cool down, I moved right along to the Cheese Scones. Mom gave me some butter she purchased from Point Roberts that was already premeasured to a half a cup, which is exactly what I needed. I also used the buttermilk here too, so buying a litre didn't seem so pointless...the scones totally puffed up, and the cheese melted so nicely over all the buttery scones. I'm so proud of myself!
After a dinner of steamed tofu and veggies, I'm gonna make my biscotti...I should start a business...

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