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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lent: Day 26

Have birthday dinner at Joe Fortes tonight for a friend, so lunch was non-existent. Went home before dinner to get ready and had a long chat with my mom, who seems to have a topsy-turvy view of the world lately. Just hope it doesn't contaminate my world outlook! Dinner was good value for the money - they had a prix fixe for $28 per head. Pretty good appetizer and the seafood linguine was huge. I couldn't finish it, not sure if it was the slight 'over-saltiness' of it, or if it was the portion size.
It was also a little exciting...I almost bumped into a friend's hubby. "Almost" because although I was sure it was him, he wasn't with her, in fact, he was with a huge group for a work function. Not exactly cool to invade, right?

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