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Monday, March 23, 2009

Lent: Day 23

Ok, so since Lent is officially 46 days long, I'm at the halfway point! I've cheated twice on allowable Sundays (4 have passed, so I'm at 50% for the cheat ratio). I've got two more Sundays, and then it's Easter! Going back to my crazy diet soon too, the one where every little thing I eat is scored onto my excel sheet. I've GOT to lose some weight! Cannot believe that I will end up gaining weight over Lent, too embarrassing! Was planning on going to the gym today, but perhpas Wednesday will be better this week...I'm looking forward to rest after the weekend. I think all I can manage is a quick dinner with my mom after work tonight!
Part II - dinner was a low-key affair at L'artista...definitely one of our favourites now. Lots of seafood, yummy house wine and nice warm buns!! And although she was just there last Friday, she agreed to indulge me and go again! Mom's are great that way!

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