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Monday, March 09, 2009

Lent: Day 11 | Work: Second Week

I had a little biscotti for lunch, and walked around Bentall centre for a bit. I really enjoy my lunch hour, except it's hard to fill up a whole hour walking around by yourself! Then I worked until 4pm and had a nice workout at the gym after. It was nice to sweat. After that, I went home and had my Thai Salad along with some more pea shoots with bean curd skin. Oh, and then I had to have some carbs, so I had the leftover Veggie Fried Noodles from yesterday. All in all, a very satisfying meal. Maybe I'll make something fresh tomorrow for dinner. How about another Tuna Melt!? I do have some more pea shoots and mushrooms though, and it is a nice soothing dish.
Oh and good news...both doggies are okay and have clean bill of health, what a relieve! I'll get to be with them in 31 days! Can't wait until I can nap with them all day long.

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