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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Woke up a little dehydrated...and since I already had a chicken wing the night before, I decided to splurge and had hot dogs for breakfast. Something about overly processed meats that make them so irresistable!
Went into Richmond to meet up with JY again to do some shopping. Also went downtown to do some eating! Had a huge dinner at Kamei, where we ate everything possible.
Lots of Uni, sashimi, robata chicken gizzards and duck tongue, ikura sushi, salads, oysters, beef carpaccio, clams, soft-shelled get the picture. I think we pretty much ordered something from every category! It's really easy eating lots, when you're part of a just don't want to stop!
Went home nice and early and was in bed by 10pm - have to be responsible and get my sleep so I can be fresh for work tomorrow!

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