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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Falconetti's Fix via VANEATSca

Here we go again, another VANEATSca Package! This time, we were going to check out Falconetti's on Commercial Drive for their latest Dining Pass "Falconetti's Fix" for just $16. The deal is three items and includes two drinks. 

Specifically, you get: 
  • Mini Poutine, freshly made pepper gravy drizzled over real Quebec cheese curds 
  • Slow Smoked Pork Ribs, smoked in-house with our special rub then slathered in our Tequila BBQ sauce
  • Falconetti's Famous Sausages, choose 1 of any of their gourmet, home made sausages 
  • Phillips Beer's Blue Buck, two 4oz glasses of a deep amber coloured beer with a crisp finish featuring a delicate hop aroma
poutine Now, onto the food...Here we have the Mini Poutine, which isn't really that small. As my readers will know, I am a recent convert to the church of poutine via an experience at Ferris' Oyster Bar in Victoria. I never really understood the point of making crispy fries only to make them all soggy with gravy? Well, this version I really loved. Instead of potato wedges some places use, they use skinny fries here, and that made such a difference. It elevated the dish for me and make it just a bit more delicate. Make sure you eat this while it's hot, because the Quebec cheese curds are best enjoyed that way.  ribs 2 And here are the Slow Smoked Tequila BBQ Pork Ribs. These are slow smoked for 6 hours and the meat is super tender. It does fall off the bones, but it's not overcooked by any means. The BBQ sauce makes for a messy affair, but it's worth getting a little dirty for these babies.  poutine and ribs 2 To be honest, just these two things probably would have been enough for me. I'm just a meat and potatoes kind of girl and you have it all here on one plate!  hot italian 5 But wait, for the $16 VANEATSca package, you also get a one of Falconetti's famous sausages. Jesse, the super friendly host picked the Hot Italian for me. The sausage was topped simply with a bit of diced tomatoes and red onions and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. The sausage itself was amazing and the spice factor was intense enough for me, but according to Jesse, not as spicy as the Yucatan Chicken sausage, which I have to return to try. 
The sausage has a nice snap when you bite it into it, almost a crunch! The toppings are added on afterwards and not heated through, so they do fall off the bun quite easily and things can get messy. Oh, and you can't tell from this shot since they sliced the bun in half, but these buns are specialty items made to fit the curvature of the sausage. That's cool.  duck 3 We also got to try an amazing Duck Breast served with a Fennel and Yellow Beet salad. They use Parallel 49 beer to marinate the duck and although you don't taste the beer at all, it does impart a nice smokiness to the duck fat. And yes, I ate duck fat after Jesse insisted that it was worth a try. And I loved the medium rare on the duck, it makes it much juicier and super tender.  pulled pork 2 Silly us...we thought that the package wouldn't be enough for two people (which it really is) but we asked Jesse to bring us one more highlight from their menu, anything of his choosing. He presented us with a Pulled Pork Sandwich with their slow smoked pork slathered in the same Tequila BBQ sauce that comes with the ribs. It is served with melted cheddar & fried onions. 
They grill the bun, which I love, but the star here is clearly the pork, this is cooked for 17 hours and marinated in their house dry rub. This was again messy but worth it. The pork and onions are super tender and the whole thing can barely contained in their custom bun. See the one piece of pork that tried to run away? It didn't get far (from my mouth).
This package is available for sale now from VANEATSca. See the VANEATSca video of this offer above:

Other things you should know:

  • Purchase Limit: 2 passes per person, plus 1 additional as gift 
  • Redeem limit: 2 passes per person, 1 pass for every 2 people per visit 
  • Not valid for cash back (unless required by law) 
  • Must use in one visit, dine-in only 
  • Does not cover tax or gratuity 
  • Cannot be combined with other offers 
  • Tip: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday after 6pm + Canucks Playoffs are busy
Falconetti's East Side Grill on Urbanspoon
**VANEATs gave me a complimentary pass for the offer, but the extras graciously gifted to me by the host, Jesse. It did not influence my review.**

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