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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Passport Quest Italian Kitchen

Italian Kitchen as part of the Glowbal Passport Quest. As part of the promotion that Glowbal Group ran in February - March 2013, I visited all seven of the restaurants. Here is my post of Italian Kitchen on Alberni.
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This time, I met up with Stephanie whom I met at last year's passport quest at Glowbal. Funny how food and twitter is what brought us together again! This time we decided to hit up Italian Kitchen, since I already had the Glowbal stamp. 
2013-03-07 13.12.51 
Our meal started off with an amuse bouche similar to a Caprese, with tomatoes and burrata. This was light and the burrata was melt in your mouth creamy. The colours were lovely and vibrant too, but what really made the dish great was the fresh and meaty tomatoes. 
2013-03-07 13.37.44 
For my lunch, I opted for the Prosciutto Pizza. It was a bit of a tough call, because I was also in the mood for the Garganelli too. Oh well, I think I made the right choice going for something a bit fresher. The prosciutto was really lean, which I liked. And the fresh and slightly bitter arugula gave the dish the bite it needed. Although there is some burrata in the pizza already, a bit of extra parmesan never hurt anyone, right? Oh, and if you like it spicy, get the chilli flakes on the side, but instead of just spooning them over the pie, crush them up in your hand first to really release the heat. 
2013-03-07 13.38.31 I rarely, very rarely, will order a vegetarian dish, but man, I would order this one! This is the Vegetarian Lasagna (yes, there is a traditional meaty one too, and that's probably what I would end up getting to be honest), with a ton of vegetables. There are zucchini, spinach, slices of eggplant, peppers, ricotta and it all comes with a light green salad with a touch of fennel. This smelled amazing. The meat one is next on my to-eat list.
2013-02-19 12.11.57 
Bonus! The week before, I had lunch here and decided to try the Hero Panini. Yes, another dish with prosciutto, but this time accompanied by even more meat, such as mortadella and pepperoni. They lightened things up with some arugula and then made it even better with provolone and some pepperoncini. Served with a nice light salad, this is great for a quick lunch if you're not in the mood for hearty Italian fare. BTW, I know you are staring at the Spaghetti & Wagyu Meatballs across the table from me. I don't blame you. 

Take Note: 

  • Pizzas, Paninis and Pastas are what they do best here 
  • Lots of platters for sharing, great for family style meals 
  • Gluten-free pastas available.
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