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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lotus - Bun Bo Hue time!

I don't often write one-dish posts, but forgive me for this one. I was by myself on a course for Sage accounting software out in Richmond (because no one else would come with me) and I had to eat.
2013-02-25 12.01.23 
I ordered a Bun Bo Hue even though the menu description left no doubt that there wouldn't be any pork hock inslde. The bowl was large, the meats were a plenty and the broth looked spicy as heck. Before the waitress placed the obligatory dish of bean sprouts and mint at the table, she asked if I wanted the sprouts blanched or not. I wish more places would do this. I like mine raw usually, but with Bun Bo Hue, I actually prefer my bean sprouts cooked. .
2013-02-25 12.21.56
After dunking in the aforementioned cooked bean sprouts (and the jalapenos), I gave the bowl a stir and this is what we have. The noodles are spaghetti like and super slippery. If you are having this dish, make sure you wear dark colours. The potential splashing is inevitable and unavoidable. The ham was really lean, and the thin slices of beef cooked quickly in the hot broth. 

Take Note:

  • This place gets crazy busy by noon, so show up early
  • They take Visa, Mastercard, a rarity in some pho places
  • Service is quick, friendly and you don't feel weird dining alone (something I have always feared)
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