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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Hour at Pink Elephant Thai

Already well known for their $10 lunches, Pink Elephant Thai on Alberni recently launched their Happy Hour menu. Available 4:30-7pm daily, the deals are pretty amazing, with glasses of wine starting at just $4! But although the deals on the bevvies are good, I'm here to tell you about the food that's also on special.
2013-02-26 17.56.54 b See, can't beat a Singha or a Pale Ale for just $4. Glasses of white or red wine are also available. All great choices to wash down the yummy appies. There were just two of us but we wanted to try something from every price point. 
2013-02-26 18.24.12
This isn't on their Happy Hour menu per se, but at just $3 per order, we thought the Roti was worth a try. The inner layers had the perfect texture though, nice and chewy. 
2013-02-26 18.30.15 2
The exterior was crispy, almost too crispy. We informed the staff and he said he would pass our concerns to the chef. I blotted out the oil but ended up peeling the top layer off.
2013-02-26 18.01.50 b 
Our first appetizer was their Fish Cakes. Five pieces of juicy bouncy fish arrived with a nice cucumber chilli sauce. The fish cakes aren't battered which made them nice and light. The coriander, green onion and galangal helped to build the flavours. The dip is a bit tart, but helps to bring out the freshness of the fish. The order was $5 and I think it was well worth it. 
2013-02-26 18.03.01 b
Our next arrival was the BBQ Short Ribs. I really liked the fact that the ribs were just done to medium, and not an overly dry well-done. Cutting them into manageable pieces was also appreciated. The dipping sauce was thick and spicy and clung to the beef. Take my word for it and just eat these with your hands, finger-licking good. And again, at $5, this was a good deal.
2013-02-26 18.04.50
I know this looks like another beef dish, but it's actually their Yum Nuea, a Thai beef salad with greens and a dressing with lime juice, nam pla (fish sauce) and Thai chillies. The grilled New York beef was very tender and made the salad very filling. I didn't like the raw red onions but that's a personal preference. Ask them to omit if you're not a fan like me. This was the most expensive dish of the evening at $8 but well worth it in my books. 
2013-02-26 18.28.23
Our last item was the Lettuce Wrap, and you have a choice of chicken of beef, but since we had so much beef already, we opted for chicken Loaded with veggies, tofu and crispy fried vermicelli, this dish is fun and great for sharing. I added our sauce from the BBQ Beef Ribs to the each wrap for an extra kick! The portion was good for just $7. Our 5 appy dishes was just $28, and we were full! With the happy hour running from 4:30-7, it's perfect for an early dinner before a concert or a Canucks game!

Take Note:
  • Happy hour daily, even on weekends, 4:30-7pm
  • Lots of TVs, great for watching sports
  • Private area upstairs perfect for a group gathering

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