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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brunch at Glowbal Grill

Glowbal Grill as part of the Glowbal Passport Quest. As part of the promotion that Glowbal Group ran in February - March 2013, I visited all seven of the restaurants. Here is my post of Glowbal in Yaletown.
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Last Saturday, we decided to go there for brunch and it was amazing. I have to say, it was my best Glowbal dining experience. Upon arrival, Emad, founder of the Glowbal Group, greeted and sat us on the lovely heated patio.
2013-03-09 10.45.48Within seconds (yes, really seconds), because we still had our jackets on, and we were presented with yummy little Beignets and a little shooter of Fruit Smoothie. I never quite understood the bamboo dim sum container for the little donuts but nevertheless, they were moist, not overly sweet and a perfect starter. Our table was a little bit wobbly and Emad came over and fixed it with a shim. I was really impressed at how hands-on he was, refilling coffee cups, clearing plates, etc. That is the definition of leading by example. 
2013-03-09 10.51.04 Our amuse bouche was a Belgian Waffle with caramelized bananas and a really rich white chocolate mousse. The mousse was a bit much, but the warm bananas with the waffle was perfect. It's is a sweet rich dish, so be prepared.
2013-03-09 11.21.51For my entree, I decided on the Lobster Eggs Benny. The sweetness of the lobster, the creaminess of the poached egg yolk and the crispy salty bacon made for a perfect bite. I chose to have the hollandaise sauce on the side, which is my the eggs look so naked. I am not really a potato fan, but what really shocked me for this was how good these potatoes were! Nice crunchy skin, well-seasoned and piping hot on the inside. 
2013-03-09 11.23.32The other entree we had was the Yaletown Breakfast, with two eggs (supposed to be scrambled but we asked for poached), bacon and sausage, as well as a cheddar biscuit. The dish originally arrived without the sausage. When we asked what happened, Claire explained that because we asked for the bacon to be extra crispy, the kitchen must have seen "extra" and gave us extra bacon in exchange for the sausage. She promptly went into the kitchen and brought out two links for us, no extra charge, no questions asked, great customer service! 
The bacon was crispy, as requested, and the sausage was nice and juicy too. I guess I thought there would have been some sauce on the poached eggs, but there wasn't any. That's okay, the hollandaise sauce from my eggs benny worked out just fine. The one disappointment for this dish had to be the cheddar biscuit. We scoured the biscuit and couldn't really detect any cheddar, and there wasn't any hint of cheese flavour either.

Take Note:

  • The French Onion Soup is no longer on the menu (brunch, lunch and dinner).
  • Weekday lunchboxes are just $11.95.
  • Those little doughnuts are addictive!
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