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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pigging out at The Flying Pig

A few weeks ago, we headed to Yaletown for brunch, and visited The Flying Pig. With nothing but time on our hands, we decided to settle in for a long leisurely brunch. 
2013-01-26 12.29.07 
I can't think of more appropriate beverages than Mimosas and those are exactly what we ordered. They have a lot of daily specials, but arrive early, they do sell you can see, the last item on the board is no longer available.  IMG_2344 Lots of places give out little treats upon arrival, like the little donuts or smoothies from Glowbal Group and the Bread with Lobster Oil from Joe Fortes. Here, they give you Baby Cinnamon Buns. I haven't had a cinnamon bun in years, but the small cute pastry beckoned me. They were still warm! What a great way to start brunch. IMG_2347 The first entree to arrive is Chef Erik’s Croque Madame. We were a little disappointed, because we had hoped for a proper version of the item in a sandwich form with the egg and cheese on top of everything. The ham was nice and lean, and the cheeses were buried underneath the two over easy eggs. I think the combination worked, but the presentation was the letdown. We wanted to see an abundant of cheese over a closed face sandwich, with the eggs on top of it all. 2013-01-26 12.42.27 TWe also got the TFP Burger, which seems have to been replaced on their menu by a Steak Sandwich...but the burger was amazing. The bun wasn't toasted, which I would have liked, but the burger itself was gooey and loaded with cheese. And on the side? A bone marrow poutine!  IMG_2350 Can you see how yummy this burger is? Complete with a bit of bacon and lots of cheese, three different kinds to be exact! Should this creep back up into the menu, ask for them to toast the bread, and hold the sauce to eliminate sogginess! IMG_2349 Oh, and the Bone Marrow Poutine has been replaced as Cheezy Bread, but this is so much better! I really hope they bring this back. The cheese was gooey enough, and the fries were crunchy enough so as not to be overly soggy. The broiled cheese is probably the best part.  IMG_2353 And if you are in the mood for a side dish for the table to share, be sure to give the Hashbrowns a try. The crispiness is reminiscent of a latka, and the serving size is more than generous. The topping of mushrooms and onions are a good savoury complement to the hashbrowns, but even without it, this dish is a Must-Try!

Take Note:

  • Call ahead for reservations
  • Must have the hashbrowns
  • Have heard amazing things about the drummettes, can't wait to try! 
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  1. I miss you guys and your wonderful food :( Ontario is so far, Flying Pig is my first stop for a meal when I arrive back to Yaletown next month.



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