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Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Brunch in the Sun!

A few weeks ago, on a particularly sunny day, we decided to trek over to Kits beach for some tanning and maybe to grab a bite to eat as well. We found ourselves at The Boathouse, with an amazing view of the water. salad Knowing we'd be tanning, we decided to not gorge ourselves on carbs or too much food in general. We opted for their Seafood Chop Chop Salad, loaded with Salmon, Shrimp and Scallop. The dressing was similar to a mustard based vinaigrette, but we asked for it on the side. 
The seafood was nice and hot, a great contrast to the fresh cool veggies. The salad is definitely enough for a main. There's enough variety in both taste and texture to keep things interesting. eggs benny The next thing we got was the Boathouse Benny, which comes with Shrimp and Crab underneath the Poached Egg, instead of the traditional ham. This is a half portion, they divided it up for us when they knew we were sharing. 
Also on the plate is a smattering of potato hash as well, but I'm not really a fan. I did like the little fruit dish with freshly cut fruit. And please remember that this serving is only half, so your portion would be twice as big. There wasn't enough shrimp or crab for me, but perhaps that would have be en less noticeable if the hollandaise sauce was poured all over, instead of sitting off to the side. However, the Smoked Salmon Benny at Market didn't look as bare.
For a nice light brunch, this is really good and pretty much all you really need. Perfect for pre-tanning. 

Take note: 

  • Brunch is served on weekends until 2pm, but you can order off the lunch menu too 
  • Kids Menu available
  • Complete nutritional guide available on their website, great for the health conscious

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