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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dinner at Ebo - Post #FordEscapeYVR

After an amazing #FordEscapeYVR day, we were treated to a buffet dinner at Ebo. Click here to see the fun-filled day we had with #FordEscapeYVR, #FordBC courtesy of @FordCanada.

Although I have been to Ebo many times for dinner, I had never attended a buffet there, brunch or otherwise. so I finally got to try it for myself. cars Lots of cars - so, yes, we each got to take a Ford Escape home with us!  smoked salmon Upon arrival, we were treated to a few hor d'oeuvres, with the first being a Smoked Salmon covered cream cheese with a bit of compressed pear. Just a bit too much cheese, but a great bite!  shephards pie They also had mini Shepherd's Pies, though the crust was a little thick, the filling was tasty and moist, just as it should be.  serrano ham with melon Ah, the Serrano Ham and Melon, what a classic combination...a perfect blend of salty and tasty, chewy and crisp. I think these were my favourite by far.  skewers We also got to try some lovely Poached Prawns, and the housemade cocktail sauce and aoili complemented the dish quite nicely. I really liked the presentation, it's true, all things taste better on a stick! 
Chef John Chang is trained in making Roti from scratch and this is the first of the finished product. It's amazing how he can make this from just water, flour, sugar and butter. Want to see how it all comes together?

Another thing Chef Chang can do is to make Towers out of the same dough, just round and round on the hot plate and here we have something completely different, but sort of the same. Lots more crunchy bits but still with a soft centre. This is truly unique! And a sneak look at the magic, right here! 

xo sauce

For those of you familiar with Chinese food, you'll no doubt recognize this as XO Sauce. Two things really impressed me with this...first, the sheer size of the portion they gave was like a soup bowl! I have to admit, I took a few tablespoons just for myself. And the second thing? This elixir of the gods is made from scratch, in house! Goodness, they should start selling this stuff!!

dim sum 
And what's the best thing to dunk into XO Sauce? Dim Sum of course! And here we have two of the world's most recognizable dim sum offerings, the Shrimp Dumpling and the Pork Sui Mai. It may or may not have been me who took the one on the left. 
There was also a vast assortment of Domestic and International Cheeses, from your Brie, to your blue and your cheddar and so much more. My favourite was the borsin in the back.  cold cuts And yes, there was a platter of Charcuterie, Pates, Smoked and Cured Meats, Mustards and Cornichons. These included cold cuts such as Smoked Ham, Turkey, and Salami too.  veggies Even though we are mostly carnivores here, effort was made to satisfy the herbivores with a selection of Crudites & Dip. I did eat some of the veggies, but my dip was the XO sauce. sushi And we also had some Assorted Sushi and Maki Rolls, mostly cooked stuff, but there were a few salmon and tuna makis in there too.  prime rib Did I say there were carnivores? Take a look at this Prime Rib...perfectly medium rare. Such a large slab of meat practically brings me to tears. I started off with two thin slices, but I went back for more! 
A slightly healthier choice was the Roasted Steelhead Salmon in a Citrus Vin Blanc. I tried this and was surprised at how moist the fish was, even though it was sitting in a chafing dish. boursin mashed This was a much less healthier choice presented itself next, the Whipped Potato Puree with Boursin Cheese! Oh my goodness, I don't even want to know what the cheese to potato ratio was here, but this melted in my mouth like butter!  first lap This was my first dance with the buffet table, just a bit of everything. I went back for more, but refrained from further documentation of my debauchery. sweets For dessert, there was a vast assortment of cakes, tartlets, and other small sweet bites. And if you know me,  those lemon tarts didn't know what hit'em!  daniel craig And this is the Executive Chef, Daniel Craig, who presided over tonight's buffet with the Roti master, John Chang. Many thanks to the two of them and the folks behind the scenes for such a spectacular buffet!
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    That Chef John is an artist with the roti making...he makes it look so quick & so simple!



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