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Friday, September 21, 2012

Salad King - Cheap and Spicy!

One of my favourite "Cheap Eats" in Toronto has always been Salad King. We've planned some semi-pricey meals for this trip (One, Lee, Enoteca & Lai Wah Heen), so we had to compensate with some lower-priced fare as well (Terrroni, Thompson Diner), and now, here! 
spring rolls We started off with two appetizers, yes, we were hungry! These spring rolls are Miniature Shrimp Rolls. The shrimp are fairly small, about the size of your pinky finger, rolled in a wheat wrapper and then deep fried until golden brown. Also on the plate is a dish of sweet and sour sauce. The spring rolls were really crunchy and I love the presentation, with the shrimp whole the tail on! I had half expected them to be diced shrimp, and also didn't expect 10 pieces for just $4.50. 
Green Mango SaladThey have both a Green Mango Salad as well as a Green Papaya Salad, but because we've recently had a Green Papaya Salad at Pok Pok in Portland, we went with the Green Mango Salad. Again, this was a healthy serving for $5.50. It's a simple toss-up of green mango, tomato, lettuce. The Thai dressing is fish sauce based, with hints of lime juice, sugar and peanut.
Street Noodle Spicy 4My favourite dish from Salad King has to be their Street Noodle Soup, sort of like a Seafood Pho in a Tom Yum soup. IT's a full meal deal for just $7.25. Sitting on top of a healthy pile of Rice noodle are shrimps, mushrooms & bean sprouts. Not normally a part of Vietnamese soup noodles is the addition of tomatoes. The chicken and shrimp soup is laced with Thai herbs and lime juice, and as much chillies as you can handle. In my case, I asked for heat level 8. It didn't blow my mind, but it did come with a healthy dose of spice.
Combination SpicyBut they do have more than just noodles, there are curry dishes, fried rice and noodles and lots more. This is the Combination Spicy, a blend of sliced chicken breast slices, shrimp, squid with vegetables such as carrot, onion, and peppers. The white rice that it comes with is enhanced by the lemongrass and chili sauce. All this for $9.25 .
EverythingJust to give you a sense of portions...These two combined were just $16.50. Good size, good heat, good flavours --> Good Deal!

Take Note: 
  • Reservations taken for lunch 
  • Maximum chili level is 20! 
  • Get the stamp card - 10 stamps = 1 free

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