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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Revisit - Fray - a lot has changed!

When I first visited Fray back in January, I was ambivalent. There were some well-executed dishes, and then there were some major flops (the Fat Bastard Pork Belly comes to mind). So, with the intent of doing a revisit post in mind, we headed back there to see if things had changed. And boy, have they ever. Gone were many of the menu items we had liked, such as the simple Spinach and Blue Cheese salad, and my stepdad's favourite Mushroom Ravioli. Also missing were the F-bombs (bacon wrapped figs), Duck Fat Fried Chicken, and the Fat Bastard Pork Belly. All these things made them just a bit different, but instead, it was now essentially a burger joint. 
Jenga Portobello Well, it's good to see they at least still have their Portobello Fries, jenga-style no less. And yes, thick strips of portobello double fried to a crispy exterior, with a very juicy interior, these were good. But were the $9.95 good? I'm not so sure. As for the dip, the truffle aioli, it didn't impress at all.   Mondo Because his favourite pasta was off the menu, my stepdad ended up ordering the Mondo burger. Served open faced, you can see the bacon, cheese & mushrooms. There is also some lettuce, tomato and a smear of chipotle lime mayo on the other side of the bun. The burger looked and tasted quite good, all the flavours coming together quite nicely. Shrimp & Smoked Salmon As a non-meatlover, my mom decided to try the Fraser Valley Shrimpboat. Essentially, this was a mayo based salad of baby shrimp and red peppers, atop of some Pacific Smoked salmon and cucumbers. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing. I think it would have been much better if there was less mayo and you could actually see the shrimp in the sandwich. There are some crispy capers on top for a bit of texture. Otherwise, it was pretty one-dimensional. She did enjoy the Rosemary Chips that came with her entree, but they were more like taro chips than potato chips.  Whistler 2 For my dinner, I decided to go for the Whistler Burger, which comes with two of my all time burger toppings, bacon and a fried egg. There is a slice of cheese as well as some onions, and oddly enough, there were a few slices of beets underneath the egg. That was quickly unearthed and donated to my mom. I then recalled that this burger was served Aussie-style, and they do put beets in their burgers! I tossed the basic lettuce/tomato combo on the top half of my bun and put some of the lightly dressed greens in there instead. This made for a tastier way to eat my veggies, that's for sure. I do like how they toasted their buns here, but it was still too much bread for me. I think more restaurants should start offering the "make it green" option a la Romer's Burger Bar: Kits and Fraserview.
I used to think of Fray as a "comfort food" venue, but will now have to recategorize it into a "burger joint". It's good for what it is, it's just not the same as before.  

Take Note:
  • All pastas have been removed from the menu with the exception of Mac and Cheese
  • Lots of board games
  • Portobello Fries and Rosemary Chips are both a "must-try"

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