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Friday, September 14, 2012

Romer's Burger Bar - Kitsilano

Although I've been to the Romer's Burger Bar in Fraserview, I hadn't been to the one in Kits. So one day after work, we decided to go and give it a shot. 
Onion Rings Although I had tried the Onion Rings before and had found them a bit too crumbly for my liking, I wanted to give them another shot. From the description, with the dusting of cheese, reggiano to be exact, and some thyme as well, we thought this could work. Same light batter, but this time, the onion stuck through the whole time, so that I wasn't just left with empty batter. The dill sauce was good as well, nice and tart. 
Wings They also have  three types of Wings available, measured by degree of messiness. This is the "not so messy" which is essentially Salt and Pepper. We asked for a side of the Hot Butter Sauce as well. Had we gotten the wings WITH the sauce all over it (add some gorgonzola to that too), it would have been the "slightly messy" version. What's the outright "messy" version? It's their Spicy Thai wings. We didn't give those a try, but I'm tempted to for next time.
IMG-20120529-01413 This was their Burger of the Month when we went, (back in May 2012) and it's called the Spicy Q. It's a burger based on a craft beer! The onions and mushrooms are braised in a BBQ/Beer sauce. The grass-fed beef is on the bottom, with the onions and mushrooms on top. But wait, there's more, add some smoked provolone and crispy pancetta to that, and top it all off with a some fried jalapenos. There was some watercress and tomatoes for "health" reasons, but they were barely noticeable beneath the burger and toppings. This was a massive burger, the kind where the juices are flowing down to your elbow. The mixture of flavours is insane, with the onions being so sweet and soft, the pancetta being salty and crunchy, and then you add the cheesiness of the melting provolone along with the heat of the jalepenos? This was a very satisfying burger The lightly toasted brioche bun was under tremendous pressure to hold everything in! 
Righteous Rib 2  Whenever I go, I always get the Righteous Rib Burger, where the patty is topped with thick-sliced applewood bacon, and a healthy dose of braised short rib. There are some raw onions as well and the garilcky sauce has notes of Gorgonzola in it too. You'll notice that I don't have the brioche bun with my burger, instead, I "made it green" and they serve it with two thick chunks of iceberg lettuce instead. Somehow, this makes me feel better about inhaling a burger with short rib loaded on top. The lettuce is substantial enough to keep it all together, it's not just flimsy leaf or two. 
On a repeat visit, we tried the Chorizodor, where the patty is actually a house-made chorizo patty, made nice and spicy. There are three cheeses on this, a cheddar, a pepper jack and the creamy boursin. It's supposed to come with avocado but I'm not a fan, so we skipped it completely. If the chorizo isn't spicy enough for you, they add a bit of their Diablo sauce for some extra kick.
Take Note:

  • They charge extra to "make it green" 
  • They have a salmon and halibut options if you don't eat red meat
  • There is also a vegetarian option call the Portobello Stack, where the portobello serves as the bun to fresh, grilled and roasted veggies

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