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Friday, September 07, 2012

Campagnolo Roma - closer to home!

Checked out Campagnolo Roma for the first time a few weeks ago, after being a long-time fan Campagnolo on Main. I was looking forward to some yummy pastas, maybe a pizza, and who knows what else? Since it was such a nice evening, we decided to sit outside. 
They have lots of daily specials, so be sure to check out the chalkboard. I have found that if a restaurant has daily specials, you should always try them, as long as the ingredients being featured are to your liking.  Salad 2 In the spirit of summer and trying to eat a bit healthier, we decided to order the Misticanza Salad, essentially greens, with shaved cucumber and a sprinkle of radishes. The dressing was a simple oil and balsamic, very light and didn't overpower the greens at all, just enough to give everything a little glisten. Pizza The pizza we got was the traditional Margherita, with some fior di latte, light layer of tomato sauce and some basil. The egg was an additional $1 and the pancetta we added was $3. So in total, this was a $17 pizza. The dough is chewier than your Napoletana pizzas and definitely denser and thicker too. The toppings are a bit sparse, but the flavours are really good. And yes, putting an egg on anything makes it taste better. Don't believe me? Check out this Brunch Burger from the Thompson Diner in Toronto.  Peppers As a dipping sauce for the crush, we were offered a housemade concoction of fennel seeds, chili flakes, black pepper steeped in olive oil. Instead of actually dipping the crust into the sauce, I actually spooned out the pepper and chili flakes onto my crust instead, to avoid excessive oiliness.  Pasta Ragu And to finish off the meal, we ordered one of the Pasta Specials, the Pappardelle with Sloping Hills Pork Ragu and topped with Pecorino. I know it sounds plain and in reality it is, but since they don't offer Pappardelle on their menu normally, I knew this would be amazingly fresh pasta. And indeed it was. The ragu was light and paired well with the flat and wide pappardelle. As I said before, if it's on the Specials board, it's definitely worth a try!

Take note:
  • 'Pizza and a Beer' nightly 5-6pm and 9-10pm, and lunchtime for $15
  • Lunch Specials Monday-Friday from 11:30am to 2:30pm (Grilled sandwich with soup/greens) for $10
  • No reservations
  • Check out the Daily Specials board

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