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Monday, September 17, 2012

Reflections - appies and bevvies!

I've been to Hawksworth for lunch several times and have been up to Reflections for drinks quick a few times too, but haven't really eaten at Reflections until recently. Located on the Fourth Floor of the Hotel Georgia, the space has an outdoor bar and lounge area, with accents such as a water feature, a fire pit and lots of cabanas too. As the weather cools, heaters and blankets are available upon request.
Moscow Mule 
I noticed someone drinking something out of a copper mug. I asked the waitress what it was, and she introduced me to the Moscow Mule. Made with Vodka, Ginger Beer, Angostura Bitters, Lime Juice and a touch of Mint. The name refers to the notion that vodka is a Russian product. This is a strong drink...definitely made for sipping. The copper mug is a charming rustic touch. 
The Boulevardier Another drink that caught my eye was the Boulevardier. Actually, it wasn't so much the drink as it was the ice cube. That is a gigantic cube of ice, easily taking up half the volume of the blass. The cocktail is made with bourbon, Campari and some sweet vermouth. Mix together and pour over the giant ice cube and top with a lemon twist. Another potent drink. The Campari helps to mellow out the bourbon just a touch.
Spanish Manchego Cheese 
To accompany the cocktails, we decided to get some appies to share. We picked one from the Cold side and one from teh Hot side. First we have the Spanish Manchego Cheese. This was served with a healthy pile of Country Style Ham, Toasted Hazelnuts and a Mango Fruit Paste.
Grilled Chorizo Sausage Next, we got the Hot item, we decided to get the Grilled Chorizo Sausage. This came with some mussels tucked underneath. The salad is topped with a light Saffron Vinaigrette. The sausage had a nice char on the outside, and was just spicy enough to balance out the cocktails.
There are lots of other items on the bar menu, such as Scallop Ceviche, Chicken Breast and Bean Salad, Sablefish & Salmon Croquettes, Marinated Flat Iron Steak, and even a Scallop Potato Salad.

Take Note:

  • Lots of wines by the glass available
  • Lunch is served Monday - Saturday, sandwiches start at $11
  • Sunday Brunch starts at 11am

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