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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun then Not Friday

Went to work super tired due to the over-thinking that was done the night before. Brought a can of DC to work with me, and that really does cure what ails me. Decided to skip lunch, as usual, in favour of saving those calories for dinner with my family. Since I didn’t drive to work, I had to go home first, get car and then meet them at Seasons. It was perfect patio weather…sigh.
After dinner, I went home and chatted on phone with a friend to take my mind off the fact that I was alone on a Friday night. Maybe I should get a dog! They always put a smile on your face, never talk back and are just so happy to see you every time you come home.
Puttered around and watched some TV, and then got a call from a friend to head out for a drink. Went down to Charm for a quick drink and a shot…or was it two? Went over to George for another drink, but left because it was just too packed. Somehow, what started out as a nice evening somehow turns into a not-so-nice evening.

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