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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monitored Monday

Super busy at work today, so I’m sure glad I got the sleep I did. I even managed to head to Tiffany’s during work to get my necklace back. I really did miss it. Though I love that “bean” I was wearing, it just wasn’t the same, the chain was longer, and it just felt weird on!
Contemplated on what to do after work. I didn’t just want to go home and sit there, so I forced myself to head out right away. Didn’t even sit down, just got changed and headed out. Today would be a good day to work in a air conditioner showroom…

Drove to T&T in Metrotown, but I parked in the wrong place and ended up having to haul my loot through the mall a little. That thought in my head made me sure limit what I bought…though you wouldn’t know it, given my haul.
I came away with wings, ribs, quail, chicken hearts and gizzards, European sausages, yam noodles, bean curd sheets, beef balls, fried fish paste, chicken broth, hoisin sauce, and the lightest items, spring onion and bean sprouts! The walk back deterred me from getting BBQ Duck (well, my weight issues played a part too), sushi, and some really yummy looking dimsum.
Still have no idea what I’m going to eat, but I’ve got all the meats I love now at home! Sorted out everything and froze them in single serving portions…that way, I don’t have to make something and eat it for a week.
Okay, so marinated 3 little quails and ended up eating two of them. Tagging this with wings since quails DO have wings too! And am starting to monitor my intake of those little sips of wine I take here and's a good thing.

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