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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Slept in to recover from the ill effects of the night before. Headed to Chinatown for some lunch, was craving Phnom Penh but settled for The Boss. Afterall, I did have a family dinner at 6:30…and you can’t eat just-a-snack when you go to Phnom Penh. I mean, you have to get the wings, the noodle soup, the beef carpaccio, and sometimes, the hot and sour soup and the clay pot rice. Mmm…I’m craving it again just thinking about it! Maybe will talk my sister into going this week…hehehe.
The family dinner was pretty good – so much food, even though we were a table of 16! Red Star really came through. Granted, two were kids and two were weird vegetarians at the table, so it’s not really a big mystery. The food was awesome! Started off with a Roast Duck/Roast Pork/Jellyfish platter. Then we had the yummy Crab Claw that I’ve been craving. The Shark’s Fin soup was next, and since two of the 16 weren’t having any, there was plenty to go around! In order to occupy their time while we were enjoying the soup, there was a place of Pea Shoots with Dried Scallop Sauce for them. There was a plate of Scallops and Broccoli and that was following by two perfectly Steamed Fishes. Next to join the feast was a platter holding Two Large Lobsters. Of course no meal for me would be complete without chicken, so that was next, a Crispy Skin Chicken. Then there was weird addition of Sea Cucumber and Mushroom with Baby Bok Choy…the shrooms were crazy big! Of course that was followed by Noodles, the infamous (and sometimes bland) Yee Mein. The rice was awesome though…I think they brought ours to the wrong table, because we had to wait about 15 minutes for it, and usually, the noodles and rice come back to back. The good thing is that it was SO freshly fried…it was yummy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any since I ate my noodles. However, since I was in charge of taking the leftovers home, I decided to make myself a little “dinner bento”, and I made sure the rice was lining the whole bottom!
Was going to mellow out and just have a few drinks at a friend’s house, but the awesome fireworks show (no, not the Symphony of Fire, I’m talking about Mother Nature) knocked out the power of the nearby liquor stores. Sigh, it’s truly a sign then she strikes down power lines so I can’t get my drink on, isn’t it?

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