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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome Wednesday

Yesterday, while talking to my sister, she invited herself over for a visit and then dinner afterwards. The kids seemed quite happy with the place, so I'm glad. The only thing is that I wished my screen was in already. As it is now, lots of dust gets blown in when I open the screen door to let the breeze in (and to air out the smoke). Both her and my mother gave me my housewarming gift, so I was quite touched.
We then headed over to Cactus Club for dinner to further celebrate. Since my stepdad didn't join us today, we had to order our alcohols a bit differently. My sister got a bellini and I got a spiked frapp. Mom downed two beers, and I washed down dinner with a glass of white.
Headed home to chill and realized I was very low on smokes. Luckily, one friend was in my part of town and heading out, and another was out, but heading back to my part of town. WHEW - disaster averted!

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