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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Was planning on driving to work, but had an invitation out for drinks. Huge dilemma, I really want to drive to work, and I DO want to have drinks, I cannot do both. In the end, I drove and went straight home with a slight detour at the liquor store. Horrified of driving in rush hour - will die if I did it after a drink. It was a nice thing to be able to stop off somewhere on the way home and run an errand. It was a bottle of red this time, but could be groceries the next time. I think the reality of skytrain has made up my mind. I really thought I could do it, go green. However, the pros outweigh the cons.
This is a work in progress...please suggest additions - you will be credited!
PRO1. No delay once you’re ready (ie. Not having to wait for train)
2. Can bring whatever you need with you (books, magazines,drycleaning)
3. No fear that someone with an illness is near
4. Know that you are the only one that can spill coffee, melting ice cream, loaded hot dog on you
5. Can order things to ship to the office, and bring them home
6. Can run errands or meet friends without heading home first to get car
CON1. Insurance premiums go up, but less than $10/th
2. Parking lot costs more than bus pass
3. Fluctuating costs based on gas prices
4. Carbon footprint
PRO1. Moderate exercise on the walk to/from station
2. Cheaper than monthly parking
3. Better for the environment
4. Fixed cost
CON1. A short walk to the train in the rain = wet umbrellas on the train
2. People forced into close quarters lose their sense of humanity
3. Waiting for the next train, only to see it’s still full
4. Can’t bring anything bulky/heavy home, even if it’s free!

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