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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Food Truck - Bada Bing Bomb

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In our search for a Food Cart lunch one Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves at Robson and Bute, where the Bada Bing Truck was just opening up for the day. They are supposedly known for their Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, as well as poutine, I think. 

According to the menu, the sandwiches are made to order and can come with Beef or Chicken. We weren't overly hungry, and were looking forward to a big dinner later, so we decided to share one sandwich. These are pretty much made to order, so once you place the order, you've got quite a wait ahead of you, and we were like second in line. Once we got the sandwich, we asked them to cut it in half...the filling, along with your choice of protein, is supposed to be a mix of melted Monterrey Jack cheese, mushrooms, with grilled onion and peppers.  
Well, I had to admit all those things were probably present in the bun, but I think they forgot to season it. The sandwich was bland, the bun to filling ratio was way off, and it wasn't even messy to eat! If they are going to cook the meat to order, they should take the time to toast the bun too. And I think they should marinate their meat and fixings a bit more, instead of giving you an assortment of hot sauces so you can "do-it-yourself". I can think of many other trucks I would spend my $7 at instead of this one. 

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