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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A great co-worker lunch spot - Yew

A few months ago, I went for lunch with a co-worker because our boss was away, and we could afford to take a slightly longer lunch for once. We trekked over to Yew at Four Seasons for a treat and were really happy we did.
I'm a sucker for fresh bread and an even bigger sucker for fresh butter with sea salt sprinkled on top. So as you can see, I was a happy camper!
We started lunch off with a Lobster Roll, which is simply lobster meat, mango jelly, cucumber and vermicelli in a rice paper roll (like the Vietnamese Salad Roll you see everywhere). This was good and the chunks of lobster were quite generous. The mildly spicy sweet sauce isn't really necessary, but does serve to heighten the sweetness of the lobster and mango.
See, no skimping on the lobster here! And thank you for not putting avocado in this! :)
We decided to get two mains and told the server that we were sharing everything. They delighted us by serving us individual portions of our main. The one you see above is the Fish and Chips. And I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of batter, but the extra chunks of batter on this batch were really good, extra crispy and not oily at all. In fact, I didn't feel any guilt chomping down on all of this, including the fries. The fish was kept moist by the batter and flaked off nicely when forked. The fries were good, and I do like my fries with the skin on!

The next thing we tried was their Squid Ink Linguine with Crab. The portion here is only HALF an order but you can tell how much crab they loaded onto this baby. Add a few peppers and a squirt of lemon juice and this dish is amazing. You can't taste the squid in the pasta (or at least I can't) but the blackness of the pasta does add a novelty to this dish. I loved it!
They also treated us to a dessert sampler, and yes, it might look like floating eyeballs, but it's actually a coconut juice ravioli in a fruit juice emulsion. You just down it and the coconut eyeball pops in your mouth! Genius and a great Halloween idea!
We were treated to some cocoa dusted nuts and a bit of other sweets too! Wow, with food and service like this, I'm going to have to take long lunches more often! One note: this lunch was actually back in April and some menu items have changed. The lobster roll doesn't seem to be offered anymore and the a variation of the pasta is only available in the evenings now. I believe they have also switched out halibut in their Fish and Chips in favour of ling cod, but I'm not 100% sure. This means that they will have new items on the menu now, and I can't wait to go back at try!
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