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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Food Truck - Feastro

Feastro the Rolling Bistro on Urbanspoon
On a week of food truck hunting, we found ourselves at Feastro, the Rolling Bistro is parked at Thurlow and Cordova, near the Olympic Cauldron. YOu can't miss the Purple Truck! 
As this was during spot prawn season, i tried their Spot Prawn Taco. It's pilled high with organic greens, and mess of spot prawns as well as some tortilla strips. The version above has a fresh mango salsa, however, it wasn't the one I wanted. 
This was the one that I wanted...still with Spot Prawns, but with their handcut salsa. Is it just me or is the second portion suffering from a lack of prawns? It was still good, but comparing the two now, it's evident the second one was a little malnourished.
We also tried their Fish & Chips with red snapper. I really like the fries and homemade tartar sauce, key to any good Fish and Cips. The batter was light, and fried so that it wasn't soaked with oil. There is a little bit of coleslaw hidden behind one of the pieces of fish, so it was a nice well rounded meal.
Mind you,, this stuff isnt' cheap...I don't remember how much my taco was, but I would guess about $8. The fish and chips were $12, so a bit more expensive than Fresh Local Wild just a few blocks away. Try both and decide for yourself which is better. 

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