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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rangoli - First Time

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We started off the weekend lunch with a Mango Lassi. Now, normally, I'm not a fan of thick beverages, but this blend of water, yogurt and mango pulp is really tasty. Rich, creamy and tangy. It tastes as healthy as it sounds!

I also like how they give you your own pitcher of water so you don't have to wait for the already busy servers to come around. And given the small table, I really appreciated the tall but slim pitcher.
The best part of the meal was the above...their Lamb, Beef and Lentil Kebabs with a sweet and sour chutney. Perfect grilled juicy morsels of meat and lentil, slightly spicy but not overly so. This was a generous dish for an appetizer, at less than $9. I really love the char and the heat of this and I am eagerly looking forward to my return visit for this dish alone! 

We also got their Goat in the Cumin and Cream Curry, served with a Cabbage & Coconut slaw, with some basmati rice and slices of naan. The flavours in this dish was good and although the portion looks small, you have to realize that this dish is quite rich, and a little bit of goat goes a long way! 

Here is the goat curry and despite it looking a little oily, it was rich but not greasy. Large chunks of goat paired with the light and fluffy rice is awesome. The naan was doughy and chewy, though just a touch bland in terms of taste. But not to worry, the cabbage and coconut salad in the upper left hand corner was also tasty, crunchy and refreshing, serving to lighten the richness of the curry. 
And here is a close up of the naan...light and not greasy at all, the two slices were a little scant for my taste, but it was a good enough size with the rice as well. I would definitely go back for the kebobs and maybe a side serving of naan instead. I would also try another curry, their Beef Short Ribs in Kalonji Curry with spicy pickled vegetables, rice and naan.

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