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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carvery Lunch at Pacific Rim

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We decided to use the Carvery Lunch Social Shopper Coupon that the BFF had bought a few weeks ago. With BFF's little one in tow, we set off for lunch at the Lobby Lounge at the Fairmont Pacific Rim
Since he couldn't partake in the carvery lunch, we ordered Spaghetti with Tomato sauce for him...Although this was a kid's portion, I still found it quite generous. Love the melted parmesan on top, along with the basil leaves as a garnish. I like how they don't dumb down the food just because it's for a child. I really like that.
So here's what you get for the Carvery Lunch, regularly $19.95, we got it at 2-for-1 due to the Social Shopping coupon. The plate was so big it was hard to fit two on the table, along with the Spaghetti & Tomato Sauce.
We both started with the Caesar Salad, your usual blen of romaine, parmesan, cherry  tomatoes, garlic and croutons. We both got the dressing on the side, and were glad we did, since the greens themselves were refreshing enough. The anchovy-caper dressing was nice, but a touch too tart for our liking.
Here is the star of the show...a pile of prime rib loaded onto a crusty sour dough bun...topped with horseradish. The prime rib was cooked to a medium rare, and the horseradish was spicy but not blow-your-mind hot. And the meat was tender enough that you could actually eat this as a sandwich, no knife and fork needed! 
There are four toppings that you get to enhance your burger, the horseradish was great, as were the peppers. However, the beef jus was a syrupy cool concoction that tasted like nothing. The grainy mustard was good as well, but more grainy than mustard-y. I would ask for extra peppers and have them hold the beef jus next time. 
The fries are supposed to sea-salt dusted but I didn't get any salt on mine. They were nice and crispy, as evidence by the BFF's munching down of most of hers!  
It's really way too much food for one person...I ate all the salad, half the sandwich and most of the fries. But then again, I wasn't crazy hungry to begin with so maybe that was part of the problem. Go hungry and enjoy! 

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