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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lent: Day 38 Part II

On the flight to TO, I sat next to a man with a most interesting story. He told me about a friend of his whose wife had purchased a used Harley Davidson motorcycle for his birthday. A few days after he got the bike, he received a phone call from Jay Leno, who offered him $1 million for the bike. The man asked why, and Leno refused to tell him. He simply reiterated the offer. The man didn't truly believe that it was Leno, so he just ignored it.
A few weeks later, Leno was doing a show in Montreal and showed up at the man's house with a check. The man saw the certified check, and mulled it over. He asked Leno to return after his show and he'd have an answer for him them. When Leno returned, the man decided to sell him the bike. Once the check/keys changed hand, Leno turned to leave. The man asked him to tell him why he wanted the bike so badly. Leno walked over to the bike, lifted up the seat, and underneath was an inscription. To Elvis, Love Priscilla. Fact or Fiction?

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