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Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Long, Sunday

Woke up early enough to tag along for the boy’s morning walk. Took some fancy shots of them by the duck pond, and various points in between.
Had a nice lunch of caviar, with some eggs and red onions, as well as some grilled sausages, some from St. Lawrence Market, some from Costco. What a perfect meal, and it was nice eating lunch at home, versus the rush or fear of getting to the airport late, if we ate at a restaurant.
Flying out at 4pm was perfect – had a quick nap after lunch and then got back to YVR in time for dinner! Oh, and to watch the last few seconds of the Canucks game – we’re leading the series 3-0 now! Went to Chop Lounge in Richmond for a quick drink (or two) and then headed back home.

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