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Friday, April 17, 2009

Foodie Friday

Found some lovely diamond earrings that I’ve had for a long time, but since it was in the safely deposit box, I never wore them. I’m wearing them everyday now!
Also had to get up super early to get the CRV back from BFJC, but we needed the big car because we were doing a road-trip with the doggies!
Drove up to Unionville, ordered a pizza and just sat at the park and enjoyed the great weather! It was definitely better to do it on a Friday versus a Saturday, since the crowds would have made the dogs unmanageable. And the big shocker was the yummy $10 pizza from Pizza 241!
Dining out with the BF and wife today at Via Allegro! Decided to cab it there so we could take advantage of the drink menu! So after an $80 ride, we drove up to this place that looked like a Mandarin Buffet on the outside. We were all a little horrified, thinking that we just made a huge mistake. And I was most terrified, as I was the one who picked the restaurant for the evening.

Once we walked inside though, all was redeemed, spiralled filigree and mood lighting abound. The food menu was about 4 pages long and the wine menu was about 400 pages! I started off with a bevvie – the Winter Storm, it was divine – a frozen vodka martini – twas like a slurpee!! For dinner, I had the quail and risotto to start, and the lamb duet for my main. Funny, it used to be a lamb trio according to some website I found, but I guess the recession does hit everyone, haha.
I’m not complaining though, not at all. They have bottle of balsamic vinegar for $13K! And some pretty pricey wines too. Will take a look through my cameras and upload pictures soon!

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