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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

Another car-related errand today…someone needs to take the winter boots off and slip into some summer sandals! We used BFJC’s GTR as our limo of choice after dropping the car off. I know it’s supposed to be a fast car, but all I thought was…cool looking car! Got some great shots of him on the on-ramp to the 404 though, pretty sure he doesn't have any of those. Decided to satisfy a Starbucks craving on the way back and they were out of mild brew, so I asked for the bold brew, and lo and behold, they were out of that too! It’s like…do you sell coffee here??
Lunch was a cool little Italian place called Nonna’s in the Stouffvile area. Apparently, their chicken sandwiches are amazing. I took a bite of one, and could barely get my mouth around the whole thing – it was crazy big. I ordered the GianFranco alla Bandiera pizza, which I only ate half of…hey, I can bring the other slices on the flight with me! Better than the crap they sell you on Air Canada, that’s for sure!
The rest of the day was just spent grocery shopping for tonight’s Pub Night and then just cuddling with my doggies. I wonder if they know I’m leaving – I think they know something’s up when they see the suitcase.
Didn’t do the wings on the BBQ since it kept looking like it was going to rain…it didn’t but you know once we head outside to BBQ, it’ll start pouring, that’s why they call it Murphy’s Law, right?
Shortly after dinner, BFJC came over and we watched two of Chris Rock’s standup for entertainment, since SNL was just a rehash of Amy Poehler’s shtick.

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