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Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it a Holiday or Not?

Easter Monday is a holiday for me, but it seems as though most other places don't have that luxury...except for the govenment employees that I know. Had some legal stuff to take care of in the morning, and was done by about 11am. Since we weren't sure what was open and what wasn't, we decided to go the safer route and just had Pho for lunch at First Markham.
Headed home after lunch to play with the dogs. Their welcome was less than stellar, it seems as though they are much less likely to jump and fuss since they are out of the crates now.
Another car-related errand to be run today - headed to Pfaff to get a weak-signalled Boomerang replaced. It didn't take long, and got some good use of my iTouch for the games. Attempted to go to Costco but gave up that dream when we saw how packed the parking lot was, which definitely translated to crazy line-ups inside the big box retailer. Mozied over to Loblaws where the line-ups were non-existent and the prawns were fresh! Didn't have much planned for the evening, just a simple dinner of organic beef t-bones, as well as the gigantic Thai Prawns that I picked up earlier at Loblaws.

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