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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Tasty treats at My Shanti

My sister has been visiting from Hong Kong with her son these past few weeks. We've been eating out lots, but one cuisine was missing...Indian food. As luck would have it, I was invited to Taste Canada Awards event at HBC a few weeks back and Vikram Vij was one of the presenters. We had chatted briefly and I made a mental note to give My Shanti (which translates to My Peace) a try. So off to Langley we went!
Located at Morgan's Crossing, this is the wall that you're looking for, shimmering in all its glory. You simply cannot miss it! 
I wanted to start off with a cocktail, and this is the Devdas. It's mixed with a chai masala syrup and comes with a cinnamon bark. Very smooth...maybe too smooth!
For appetizers, we got the Samosas, made with a blend of ground chicken, lamb & beef. Spices include cumin and turmeric and are served with some fruit chutneys. Piping hot, and with a crispy skin, the filling to wrapper ratio is very generous. An order comes with two, and it's definitely meant for sharing.
Next up? The Gunpowder Prawns in Bombay style. These are whole prawns cooked in a sweet and sour masala. These are mild and a good option for those who don't like a lot of heat. The appam that it's served on is edible and is quite similar to dosas. It's made with rice flour and coconut milk and makes a pretty vessel for the prawns.
To accompany our mains, we ordered the regular Naan. These were hot and pillowy, and to be honest, a steal at $2! Their Kheema-stuffed naan is only $4.75 and is on my "to eat" list for the next visit.
From the Garam Maas sections, we got the Lamb in Kashmir style, which was done Mughlai-style. Flavoured with cloves, black peppercorn, cardamom, mace and cinnamon in a stew with fenugreek, the meat is amazingly tender and moist. Eat with your hands! That's what the naan is for.
Our other meat dish was the Chicken Korma in a Rajasthan style, one of my sister's favourites. The large morsels of grilled chicken were served with a creamy cashew garlic sauce. Served with a flavoured basmati rice, this was a well-developed curry, fragrant and rich. The serving may appear small, but it's so decadent that you'd have a hard time finishing it. We ended up packing both the lamb and the chicken.
Dining on the patio was amazing, I didn't even remember that we were next to an outlet mall! It's a great place to give yourself a little taste of India. I'll be back...that Duck Biriyani is calling my name! 

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