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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Boozy Brunch at Black & Blue - The Roof

So in an effort to bring two wine connoisseurs together, I tasked them each to bring a bottle to a lunch where they would meet each other for the first time. I suggested Black and Blue since I've been there numerous times, and steaks are what you need with some bold wines.
And as you can see, the boys did not disappoint! I am in no way an expert, but I can definitely appreciate these wines. The Chablis Grand Cru was an amazing way to start lunch. What surprised me the most was how the red really changed as we drank it. Also, since we were on the roof, we actually had to keep the Côte-Rôtie on ice to keep it at the proper drinking temperature. 

This is the Lamb Salad and as one of my friends said, "Vancouver is the only place that can sell you a skewer of lamb and call it a salad.". And that is exactly how it arrived at the table, a hot skewer of meat that they serve tableside. 
As a side note, we also got their Tuna Poke as an appetizer, which is also prepared tableside, however, I was too busy drinking and neglected to take a pic. But truth be told, it's not their best appetizer and it's shockingly small for a "share plate". 
Go for the Phyllo Prawns (apparently they were out of phyllo that day) or the Mac & Cheese Sticks (and I was avoiding carbs), those are my go-to.   

My other friend got the 16oz Rib Eye, and it was amazing looking. Though I didn't get to try it, I can attest that it was cooked to a perfect medium rare and you just can't beat those grill marks. And since I had the same sides with my steak, down below, I can also say that the asparagus was a bit wilted but the truffle smashed potatoes were decadent. 
And this was my NY Striploin...just a 12oz. and also done to a perfect rare/medium rare. When this baby landed, I had my doubts as to whether or not I could finish it. After giving a taste to both my friends, I started working on this baby, and then next thing you know, I was DONE! It was so moist and juicy, and then add the smokiness from the grill, it easy to do. There wasn't much fat on the edges and what there was, I ate it all. Oh, and did my best with the veggies, but I had to leave some of the potatoes behind. All in all, I say it was a valiant effort! 
And as you know, I'm not one for sweets, but if you have a Cheese Selection on your menu, chances are high that I can have my rubber arm twisted to try, even after a 12 oz. steak. We opted for their selection of three kinds of cheese, (it's available in three or five), but they generously gave us five. This included crumbled blue, brie, an ashen goat cheese and two more that I can't recall! Probably because of that glorious glass of port in the middle of the board. 
If you are a cheese lover like me, I'd recommend sharing an appetizer and a huge steak with your dining partner and cap the meal off with this. It's worth it!
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    I like looking through an article that will make people think.
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  2. Having had the pleasure of both of those beautiful wines all I can say is that they would make Any meal memorable 😍



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