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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Wander Lust Led Me to Nomad

Although I first came to this place for just a few cocktails, but a quick look at their food menu told me that I'd be back to sample some of their dinner items too.   But first, to the cocktail...I chose the Satan's Whiskers and as you can see, it's gin based, with vermouth and curacao. It's as tasty as it looks with just a bit of tang...but really packs a punch. The name is very appropriate. We decided to eat light and decided on the Wild Pacific Lingcod. Sounds like a heart healthy choice right? That was until we read further and realized that it's wrapped in Chicken Skin. What? Yes, we went ahead and got it anyways...because there was also a bit of Nettle Gnocchi, Hakurei Turnip and a tasting preserved orange butter. The fish was delicately cooked and the chicken skin kept the whole thing tender and juicy. A whole new way to use chicken skin, if you ask me.  I was definitely in the mood for meat, so we had to make a hard choice. We could have each had Smoked Organic Beef Brisket or Roasted Wild Boar Rack, but we decided on the 10oz. Dry-Aged Organic Beef Ribeye, to share. Not too heavy on the carbs, there were just some rosemary fried baby potatoes and veggies. The beef was tender and when you have a good cut of meat like this, the less you do to it, the better. 

Since we were fairly good with dinner, we decided to treat ourselves to dessert. The picture didn't quite turn out, but give their Ginger Pumpkin Panna Cotta a try. Lemon thyme jelly and port meringue, need I say more??

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