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Monday, July 31, 2017

Tacofino Revisited

I fell in love with Spicy Margaritas when I first went to Tacofino a few years ago and have been craving it in these hot summer days. So naturally, I had to give in to my desires. They have Margarita Mondays, so instead of $10, it's only $8. And how do they make it spicy? They use a habanero tequila! And that salted rim is everything!   
Tacofino is well-known for their fresh Tortilla Chips and Salsa Fresca, so that's what we got to start. Margaritas and Chips. That's happiness right there. The margaritas were spicy enough and those warm tortilla chips will likely come back to haunt me in my dreams tonight. The Guacamole is $3 extra, but SO WORTH IT! The creaminess of the guac added with the homemade salsa sitting atop those fresh tortilla chips are a perfect trifecta. 
We ordered a trio of Tacos, this is the Albacore Tuna: It's a few slices of fresh tuna tossed in soy and sesame oil. Then add the salsa fresca from the chips and some fresh seaweed (aka wakame) and some wasabi mayo. My least favourite part of this is the ginger but that is totally a personal preference. (I don't eat it on a sashimi platter either).
A special that's only available on their dinner menu is their Grilled Wagyu Steak Taco. The beef is laced with some black garlic mayo and some pickled vegetables. The jalapenos are placed to the side along with the lime. If you are feeling brave, add the jalapenos and squeeze some lime juice on top. Trust me, spice and citrus work with meat. 
Their other fish taco is simply called the Fish Taco. Made with slightly breaded and crispy Pacific Cod, this taco is topped with some shredded cabbage and a light chipotle mayo. And again, we see the salsa fresca. I swear, they put that on everything! It's a bit messy but well worth the effort! 
I didn't save room for dessert but they have a lime curd vaso that I would like to get to know next time I'm there. 

Tacofino Commissary Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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