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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Society - Passport Quest

Glowbal Passport Quest. As part of the promotion that Glowbal Group ran in February - March 2012, I visited all seven of the restaurants. Here is my post of Society.
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If Kobe meatballs are synonymous with Italian Kitchen, then these little Deep Fried Macaroni Balls share the same iconic status here at Society. Of the three of us, one of us was actually going to order Mac and Cheese as our main, but with these babies to start, maybe things will change...
One thing that did catch our eye was the Lobster Shepherd's Pie. Beneath this mashed potato crust was a few chunks of lobster, and a lot of celery and carrots. The texture was creamy but the lobster to veggie ratio seemed off. It will fill you up, but won't thrill you. (*note: this seems to be off their new menu now.)
For me, I always associate Society with Burgers, see my post from a 3-hour lunch there last year. And this visit was no exception. I ordered their burger, but added a fried egg (see the runny yolk?) and also asked for sauteed mushrooms. Although it's not listed on their menu, if you ask for it, the chefs are fairly accommodating and will try to satisfy.
And although we did get the Mac and Cheese balls to start, one of us couldn't resist getting the BIG Mac and Cheese entree. And if a platter of mac and cheese wasn't enough, they really carbo load you with a slice of garlic bread too. Served with a nice gratin on top, this mac and cheese is rich and unctious. Unless you are really hungry, this would be hard to polish off in its entirety. The slight truffle aroma comes and goes, but the creaminess of the cheese and the comfort food factor is what really makes this dish great. 
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