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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coast - Passport Quest

Glowbal Passport Quest. As part of the promotion that Glowbal Group ran in February - March 2012, I visited all seven of the restaurants. Here is my post of Coast.
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Usually, with seafood,we crack open a bottle of Pinot Grigio, but we just could resist starting with a cocktail. I mean, how can you resist a Caesar with a jumbo prawn as a garnish? With a sprinkle of horseradish, this little baby is spicy! 
We got one of their Signature Platters - this is a shot of it. We love our lobster, salmon sashimi and fresh oysters, so this is the chilled platter. It also comes with more jumbo prawns, in case the ones in our Caesar weren't enough, a few mussels and a spicy tuna roll.
Although there were three of us, we got the platter for two, since there were some other items that we wanted to order. Beware, orders for more people causes this platter to grow exponentially...
We also got a bit of an amuse bouche to start, a little bit of Ahi Tuna with some seaweed and a rice paper crisp on the side. I love the little roe they sprinkled on top and bottom...yummy!
Ahh...yes, more oysters please! I think the platter comes with 4 or 6 when you order it for two people, but that's never enough! We went for another dozen of the Kusshi, and I think that really hit the spot.
And the other things we had to save room for? Dessert of course! Front and center is the mango cheesecake...decadent, rich, dense with just the rice amount of tartness from the raspberry coulie and the fresh blueberries.
Also lovely are the little dessert poppers. There are three kinds, two on the side have “pop rocks” on the outside, and one has nutella inside the chocolate, and the other has peanut butter. Oh both are quite good and just a pop is all you need. The middle one is the white chocolate cheesecake, but after the yummy NY style slice we all had, this was over the top for us!
But my favourite dessert here, and I think they are available at all Glowbal Group restaurants are their honey comb nibs. Made fresh, the honey comb is crunchy but not hard, and the chocolate coating is thick but not heavy. I could easily eat half a dozen of these at a time.
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