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Friday, April 20, 2012

Italian Kitchen - Passport Quest

Glowbal Passport Quest. As part of the promotion that Glowbal Group ran in February - March 2012, I visited all seven of the restaurants. Here is my post of Italian Kitchen.
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One of the best thing they do at Italian Kitchen is their Burrata. And this one was a special made for us by the chef...featuring cured meats with prosciutto and braseola, this was amazing. Rounding it out was a side of Beef Tartare, a smattering of olives and a lightly dressed arugula salad. This is why I love Chef Craig.
And how are you supposed to eat all this goodness? With their forno grilled bread of course! I like the rustic feel of the food being served on a wooden board, seems to enhance the freshness of the ingredients somehow. 
On another occasion, we had a starter of Brushchetta with a tomato basil topping, again with the cutting board!
Another all-time favourite of mine is Bone Marrow, and here at Italian Kitchen, they do it well! You get two large slabs of bone marrow, a heaping pile of beef tartare, some lightly dressed greens and a few garlic crostinis. If you are having this all by yourself, this is probably enough for a meal. It's not a lot of food, but it's rich. Best to share with a friend so you can have something else too! 
Starting from the left, the Pasta Platter consists of a Braised Veal Cannelloni (not part of their platter anymore), a Lamb Sausage Pappardelle, a Rich Truffle Cream Sauced Spaghetti with some of their famous Kobe Beef Meatballs, as well as a bit of Ragatoni Pomodoro at the far right.
We also got the Pappardelle with Lamb Sausage. I love the thick flat noodles and usually try to eat them one at a time. The sausage is the same that is on their pizza, with a nice texture and a subtle gamey flavour.
Another favourite is their Garganelli. I am a sucker for this pasta and again, I eat this one at a time too. Actually, I try to uncurl them before I eat them. It comes with oven roasted chicken, sun dried tomatoes and a sprinkle of peas. Love this dish!
Another friend ordered the Linguine Carbonara, done in the traditional style with pancetta, green onions and egg with a dusting of parmesan, pure comfort food. 
Fans of the Glowbal Group will no doubt recognize these Zeppole di Cioccolato - powdered sugar dusted doughnuts with chocolate ganache inside, ready to burst into your mouth once you bite into it. Make it extra rich with the side serving of cream anglaise.
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    I hope the tips are not going to management anymore!!!

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