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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tucking in at Town Hall

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Before my trip to Toronto last month, I had a great lunch at Town Hall (formerly known as (Saltlik) on Alberni. I usually go to Coast or Fortes if I’m lunching during work, but that’s the problem…”been there ~ done that” too many times. They reopened around the Olympics, but I have yet to try out the new menu.
The décor is pretty cool…the wall behind the bar looks very DNA-ish…with all the lights and stuff. Since I was getting on a plane in a few hours, I didn’t want anything too heavy or rich. So I will have to return to try their Gooey Cheese Pot & Grilled Sourdough toasts. Instead, we ordered an appetizer, their Trio of Tuna, and then split their Double-Fisted Bacon Cheddar Burger and fries.
The Trio is nice and light, very refreshing. You get two types of tuna, big-eye ahi tuna and tombo tuna. The big-eye is done as a sashimi with the tombo is done with an avocado mousse, and also with a goma-ae dressing, all served with crispy chips.
The Double-Fisted burger came already split for us, so we could “single-fist” it? The accompaniments are a little coarse, with a huge slice of tomato and a very generous slice of red onion. I prefer my onions (in a burger) diced so the big slab scared me. But then again, the bigness of it made it easy to remove…We also asked for all sauces to be “on the side” but I can’t remember any of them now.

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