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Monday, July 12, 2010

Irish Heather with the LFA Gang!

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This past weekend, about 20 of us LFA alums got together for a tour of our old school. They started us with a visit to the new wing, and the difference between the old and new was amazing.
They also laid out our old yearbooks, which was a mixed blessing. For example, I had totally forgot that I was voted "most likely to install the first answering machine at LFA".
After the tour, most of us headed downtown to the Irish Heather for dinner. The long table in the private room was decorated with cookies and pretty centerpieces.
We were greeted with custom made cookies with our school crest and motto, almost too pretty to eat! Ad Lucem means "to the light".
We had selected our entrees ahead of time, basically either meateterian or a vegetarian meal. The meat dish was a huge platter of sliced roast beef, which had been slow roasting for us for four long hours.
It came on top of a huge mound of mashed potatoes, flanked by glazed sliced carrots, and a large yorkshire pudding. The gravy was an au jus that was a deep brown and richly flavoured with what tasted like a wine reduction.
The vegetarian meal is a creamy ravioli filled with roasted vegetables and sprinkled with fennel and goat cheese. There was a topping of roasted tomatoes as well as some fresh peashoots.
The meal was delicious, but our conversations were even better. At the halfway point, we switched seats and did a little musical chair dance and mingled with new people.
Some of us ordered dessert, a chocie of chocolate cheesecake and strawberry mousse. The cheesecake looked decadent and rich, and seemed more than enough for one person.
The strawberry mousse was served in a mason jar, there's something about food being served in a jar that I homey and comfort food. Of course, the fact that it was served with a healthy topping of whipped cream didn't hurt either.
And for those of you who have been dying to know (and keen to practice for our next meeting) are the lyrics to Salve Regina and our School Song.

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