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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kicking it at the Keg

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The night before my work/fun trip to Toronto, we decided to head to the Keg Yaletown to use a Vancouver Art Gallery coupon we had, something about either a New York steak or a Keg Prime Rib dinner for the price of the steak only. Don't ask me about coupons...I don't remember details, except for the expiry date.
Since my friend couldn't be a babysitter, we went with a child in tow. Little did we know...they have the cutest kids menu. It starts off with a Kid's Appetizer...with fresh veggies & dip, some crackers and fruits.
As all wait staff know, a kid with food is much more pleasant than a kid waiting for food. The next thing to arrive at our table was the chicken strips and fries. It was a generous portion of chicken strips, way bigger than the McNuggets most kids are used to. The fries were really good...I'm guilty of stealing fries from kids...hey, it's not like it was candy!
As the kid was eating, our salads arrived...undressed, exactly how we ordered it. The cheese was freshly shaved and layered on top. The croutons were fresh and crunchy, way better than the Keg in Burnaby near the Costco. I dipped my romaine chunks into the dressing and was pleasantly surprised, it didn't kick you in the butt with garlic. I couldn't believe how much dressing they gave us for a side salad, so glad we got it on the side!
The next plate to come were the Mushrooms order comes with 6, but as I am just an amateur blogger and an experienced eater, I ate one before remembering to photograph the food. The mushrooms were stuffed and overflowing with cream cheese and crab meat, and perfectly browned. Be careful, this plate and the contents are HOT! The mushrooms are really moist and juicy, so when you bite into it, expect a burst of juicese and boy, it's HOT!
I got my usual NY cut...and was a little bit surprised at how well done it appeared. However, upon slicing into it, I was even MORE surprised at how juicy and pink it was. The steamed veggies were completely overdone, but then again, this is a STEAK maybe I was setting my standards a little too high for the veggies.
My friend got the Prime Rib dinner, and OMG...Will you take a look at how GI-normous this serving of meat is!?! Perfectly medium rare, I was about to toss my dinner aside, or sweetly offer to trade. We reached a happy compromise and each shared a bit of the steaks. Surprisingly enough, neither of us were willing to take the veggies instead.
As those "more-observant" of you have noticed....both our baked potatoes were naked. It's now I always order my potatoes, because I never know how much of each topping I want until I am about to eat it. Butter, sour cream, green onions and bacon...all on the side, and all you have to do it layer those babies on!
I was delighted with the meal and the very generous portion side. I think that is the allure of a chain restaurant...the right ones have a certain standard, and no matter where in the city you go, you should expect the same service, quality and experience. My only exception...the Keg by the Burnaby Costco...truly disappointing. It's the only place where I actually complained, only to have the manager return my call, and say "I have no idea why you are complaining".

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