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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Happy Hour at Hapa Izakaya

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How to make the best of a Friday when the whole world has it off? You plan drinks right after work! Both my BFF and I had to work on the Friday between Canada Day and the weekend. Instead of moping, we realized the luck of being downtown on a nice Friday afternoon. We headed to Hapa Izakaya in Yaletown for a drink and some small tapas. Arriving shortly after 3:30, we were delighted to see that they were still serving lunch. We started with a bottle of white – grasping at straws for a sunny afternoon on the patio.
We needed a few nibbles, but nothing heavy. She got the Antipasto platter, which consisted of some Ebi Mayo, Chicken Karaage, a gomae salad, and a small serving of tuna sashimi. A great deal for $9.50!
The solo uber fresh and crunchy prawn chip that accompanied the Ebi Mayo didn’t quite satisfy…so we ordered another serving…and it was just as good as the first!
The next things to arrive were a green salad and miso soup, which rounds out the Ishiyaki we ordered.
Despite sitting on the patio, it was a little chilly, so the miso soup was quite welcomed. Unfortunately, I have never mastered the art of eating salad via chopsticks...I just spear into it instead of picking up green pieces.
The Ishiyaki arrived on its own tray in a stone bowl. As she stirred it, we could hear the sizzle of the rice/egg/meat sear against the hot bowl. This was going to warm us up the right way.We ended up killing two hours on that patio...just sipping, noshing and chatting. A great afternoon with even greater company.

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