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Monday, July 12, 2010

Breaky at CJ's in Maui

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Second breakfast out while venturing in Maui. Found a little place in a strip mall that was recommended by the concierge, known for having the best Maui onion gravy in town. Once we walked in, there was an amazing selection of other goodies, which included a Smoked Salmon Bagel with cream cheese. As per usual, I asked for everything on the side, and here is how it came. A perfectly deconstructed smoked salmon bagel.
For all the deconstructed goodness that arrived, this is the end result upon re-assembly. I tucked a brick of cream cheese on each half of the bottom of the bagel. The tomato seemed out of place so that was eaten on its own. The lettuce was a welcome addition, so that landed on the bagel as well. I also put the generous portion of the capers in the crevices and then piled on the smoked salmon. Don't really remember what we did with the top of the bagel, but probably slathered on whatever little packet of jam or peanut butter came alongside and gobbled that up as well.
Didn't really know what to expect with the Loco Moco, but from all sources, it is a traditional Maui dish with a base of potatoes, with a hamburger patty on top, all smothered with Maui onion gravy, and then topped with two sunny side up eggs. This is how the dish arrives.
In order to see the patty, I cut the eggs apart carefully, to expose the burger patty...interesting, eh? The potatoes are melt in your mouth tender, and the onion gravy is the sweetest thing I've ever tasted on this side of savoury. Someone should make this gravy into French Onion Soup. Just throw some bread over a bowlful of this stuff, sprinkle some gruyere and mozza cheese and bake until golden. Now that would be some comfort food.
I had to take this shot...random condiments that somehow just don't fit together. Just think, when was the last time you were in a restaurant where you needed both ketchup, soy sauce, and tobasco?
And here is a completely gratuitous picture of me stuffing my face. Yes, I ate both.

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