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Monday, July 19, 2010

Earls for Seattle Seahawks

Last Thursday, we headed to Earls Yaletown for a Meet and Greet with some of the Seahawks, namely Wilson and Hawthorne. We had heard about the event from Sepy, the assistant marketing manager at Earl's Restaurant. There were some RCMP manning the door, and we wondered how they got involved. We got upstairs just in time to see the last of the sliders being passed out. However, we grabbed a bottle of white wine and got comfy at the bar.
They did pass around a plate of ribs and we managed to snag the largest rib I've ever seen. Really juicy and meaty. Enough for two people to share...unfortunately, that was the last of the free nibbles...for now.
We grabbed a table by the inside patio and decided to order some food...the wings and ribs as usual.
Perhaps because of the larger than expected crowd, our food took rather long to arrive. It was good when we got it, but it was just slow, I guess the kitchen was a little backed up.
The waitress acknowledged our wait and thanked us for our patience. She was also nice enough to come by with some sliders and some bacon wrapped shrimp.
They were passing out some shirts too...i managed to get one black shirt, and scored some red shirts for the friends that were patient enough to wait for the food with me.
It was a great night topped of with photos with the RCMP. I actually have photos with the RCMP from back in the Olympics, none with VPD, paramedics or FFs, so I guess they'll be next on my list! Earl's (Yaletown) on Urbanspoon

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