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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Secret's OUT

So, after starting my job search in earnest after the new year (Calendar, not Lunar), I am pleased and thrilled to say that "I FOUND MY DREAM JOB!!". It's in an industry I'm interested in, and it's a position I'm well-qualified for and have vast experience in.
Many thanks go to my two references CT & DM, who gave me stellar recommendations, glowing accolades and fantastic feedback.
To look for a job without letting anyone know (except for RS) was really really hard. From planning and preparing for the interviews to just keeping quiet as I was going through the whole process, I have newfound respect for myself as a secret-keeper. For someone who occasionally suffers from sharing TMI, I survived a two-week trial!
I took my parents to Cactus Club, where I finally broke my silence, and then headed to Hapa Izakaya for a few drinks to further celebrate!

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