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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lent: Day 2

Early morning at the gym...session start at 8am! So, by 9, I was pretty much done...which totally shocked the hell out of my mom when she say me there, all done and showered when she arrived at the gym...that's priceless! But the price for waking up super early is...CRASH!
I had to nap...but upon waking up, I went to meet my QP for a yummy Dim Sum lunc @ the Starlight Kirin. She was a vegetarian before her baby, so she knew a thing or two about ordering veggie dim sum. The unfortunate thing is that, as a breastfeeding mommy, she can't have shellfish either, which I could have eaten. We ended up with a nice veggie duck, a steamed veggie roll, as well as a rice noodle roll with some ground fish meat. The additional dish we added was a steamed bok choy with fresh tofu skin in a fish broth, SUPER yummy. And then, because we both showed such self-restraint, we had dessert of a "thousand layer cake"...Going meatless has its rewards!
After I got home, (and a nap), I had a nice healthy snack of dried cranberries. Super yummy and healthy.
After that, I went for an amazing dinner of Alaska King Crab. They did the crab 5 ways! The first was the legs, asteamed version with green onions and the second was also steamed, but with minced garlic. The third course was the knuckles stir-fried with a secret chili spice. The fourth was the rest of the crab, stir-fried with rice, and served in the shell. The final version was noodles, made with the leftover sauces from the first two courses. Oh my goodness, I should have given up meat a long time ago, if I had known that crab would be my reward!

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